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Everything from equipment & uniforms, weapons, training aids, books, videos, specialty items, and hard to find items.  Most out of stock items can still be ordered and sent from our suppliers.  If it cannot, purchase will be disabled.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Product availabilty subject to change without notice.

How to wear a uniform.

So you are studying Ninjutsu.  What are all the pieces of that unifom?  Do I need them all now? Where do I get them?  What size?

Okay so you can get them pieces at a time if you can't afford it.  You can get them all here. The basic pieces are, from top to bottom, the main gi (black, both top and pants), a kyu patch, a white belt, tabi socks, outdoor jikatabi boots (that can be worn inside also in a crunch), and boot covers.  This would be considered a complete uniform.  The bells and whistles can be obtained later.  See the video below.

See the sizing chart below.  Accepted colour is usually black, but its okay for grey, dark blue, or brown also. Women can wear purple too.  If the sizing chart is confusing, just send your height, sex, and weight when ordering.  Tabi sizing is in centimeters when ordering, so trace your foot on a piece of paper and measure it.  Also note, prices may change without notice.  That sounds like a cliche, but since some items do not sell possibly for years, their prices could change since I last obtained them from my suppliers, or may not be available at all.  In these cases, you will be notified and adjusted.

Traditional Ninjutsu

Not the Hollywood movie style.

Hatsumi Sensei