Feedback for New Products

By now, our store has been going for about 7 months and we have been adding at least 1 new product every day.  I would love to add a whole slew of things all at once but it is time consuming, and no one wants to help.  :(

I am trying to stick very closely to Ninjutsu related things, but sometimes we get requests for general martial arts related things so I add them too.  We have physical products right here in our local "store", and we drop ship many items from other suppliers, as you may have noticed.  This is especially true of amazon products.  If you have never ordered from amazon before, it's pretty easy, but for our local guys, we can order something you see for you and just hand deliver it to you, if you prefer.

We have many more products to add, including books, videos, audio, especially from Hatsumi Soke as I know some people are waiting for these.  We are going to be adding a lot more exotic ninja specific weapons too that you cannot get anywhere else, but I can only work so fast!

You will also notice at the bottom of any store page, there are 4 links:  search, blogs, catalogue, and wish list.  Most people overlook these but they are there to help you find what you need.  The catalogue will list everything, every single product, without sorting it according to the headings at the top of the page.  Don't forget at the right there is the "sort" option so you can see what has been added newest or otherwise.  And wish list does require you to be signed into your account to work.  Here, you can keep things you are not ready to buy, but you may be thinking about it.  It makes it easy to get back to quickly.

And on most pages, if not all of them, you will see at the bottom left, a small floating button that says "Bujin Bucks".  This is our loyalty program.  You must be signed in for this to work correctly also.  Your login is the little man icon always located at the top right.

We have some exciting surprises coming up in the near future!  But I wanted to ask what you most wanted to see?  What do you want us to offer?  That is the main point of this blog.  If you wanted to buy something soon to add to your repertoire, what would it be?  Ask and you shall receive!