How has your life changed after you began Ninjutsu?

Someone asked me how my life has changed since I started training in Ninjutsu.  Well as some of you know, I started when I was 10 years old, so that doesn't leave much room for change, per se.  But I can tell you how I figure my life would be different if I had not started training.

As far as a job, there are a few things that interested me that I might be doing.  I was interested in being a fiction writer, an RCMP, the military (which I actually did for a while), a pilot, a musician, and a lawyer.

As far as hobbies go, other than martial arts, I was interested in playing music, model trains, football, archery, go-karts, sports cars, Superman, investing, computers, coding, electronics, Star Trek, audio recording, Christianity, and RC cars.

I am heavily proactive in my adult life.  I prepare for financial disaster, martial law, catastrophes, break-ins, break-downs, you name it.  I will admit that this is mentally taxing at times, and I wish I could take a break, but the emergency will arise when you take a break.  So there is no rest.  But I could see myself being just like everybody else, a sheeple, going with the flow, working a menial job with no purpose, questioning nothing, being a nobody, unprepared for just about everything, oblivious to anything that I might need to know about.

I know I would be a coward.  I would be afraid of conflict.  I would be too skinny with no interest in muscle growth or strength training.  I would be an ultimate nerd/geek.  I would wear pants that were just a little too short at the ankle.  Haha.  I might be way too far into computers.

On the other hand, perhaps I would be a serial killer.  Haha.  Ninjutsu offers alot in the way of mental fortitude and self-discipline for those who want it.  Like Vulcans from Star Trek, emotionless and under control.  I am pretty thick skinned now and I bet I would be easily hurt if I wasn't.

I guess the bottom line is, I would be a softer version of who I am now, and I probably would not be friends with that person if I met him.  :D