How to use Anki (digital flashcard program) for learning Japanese, or anything else.

What is Anki?

Anki is a very small and light program that works on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, or iOS, or even an online web version when you don't have access to your computer.

What does it do?

Anki is like old style traditional paper flashcards, but is smart.  This means it organizes the deck how you need it; you can easily add, remove, or edit cards; it learns from you and your strengths and weaknesses and determines how soon to show you a certain card again; can play video, audio, or show pictures; supports just about any language (maybe any language); and is free!

How does it work?

While you can easily create new cards with it on your computer or your phone, you can also download a huge assortment of ready made decks of cards from other uses, free.  Did I mention this is all free?

How do I do that?

Well in the process of getting new decks, you've uncovered another feature!  When you create an account on their web service, all decks you have become automatically backed up to their server, and are updated on all your other platforms too so if you have it installed on several devices, they are all exactly the same.

Where do I get it?

You can download it from their site at or we are also hosting it at our store at  If for any reason if you cannot access it online (maybe you are in a remote Siberian town), we can send it by mail too.  That's how much we love this product.  To make an account, go to  Now that you did that, you can search for free decks at  There are plenty of Japanese language decks, for starters.  You can also get a few specialized decks from our store that we made for Ninjutsu.  They are always being updated.  For instance, you can get our Japanese deck at or our Ninjutsu terminology deck, Level 1, or Level 2, with plans for many more in the very near future here:  

Can I use Anki for Something else?

Absolutely!  It's so easy to use.  It could be used to teach your youngins math questions, or the alphabet, or more complicated medical terms for your university degree!  I bet those decks already exist for free too.  But if not, adding them to make a new deck is a sinch.

Already have paper flashcards?

No problem.  Add them by typing them in, or even better, take a snapshot with your phone of the front and back of each card.  Boom!  You're done.

This will help you get ahead and progress faster.  Stop wasting time trying to learn Ninjutsu terms.  In the beginning, it was hard and I hated it.  I wish I had it then.  Have fun!