Learning Theory

If you are going to teach, you need to keep in mind that not everyone learns the same way. Our traditional school can be faulted for this because they teach large groups exactly the same way. We take in the world with our senses. There are multiple styles of learning, but there are a few basic ways:

Visual - These students learn best by seeing it done.
Tactile - These students learn best by doing it themselves.
Auditory - These students learn best by hearing it explained. They would learn best from an audiobook instead of a text.

Some people can be more than 1 style at a time, but there is usually a dominant one.

Sleep is a major component of learning. Short term memory is converted to long term memory during adequate sleep. If you get poor sleep, the information is mostly or completely lost.

Don’t save a survival video, for example. When you need it, you won’t have it. Learn it now beforehand.

How to memorize
(21 times makes a habit or makes something stick)
Read (out loud)
Rewrite (repetitious)
Record (repetitious)
Reward success (positive reinforcement)
Punish failure (negative reinforcement)
Flash cards
Visual (drawing, pictures, & funny scenes)
Write a song
Retype (repetitious)
Translations (if relevant)
Think in your target language (for learning language)
Use it in routine daily life
Learn the roots and related words (for learning language)
Videos designed for young children
Speak often with native speakers (for learning language)
Associate new words with English similar sounding words (for learning language)
Associate words with games, movies, or stories (for learning language)
Listen to songs and memorize the lyrics
Categorize new words with other words you already know (for learning language)
Practice every day by talking to people or animals that don’t even understand
Reading things like a newspaper often (for learning language)
Use new words in simple sentences to learn whole phrases (for learning language)
Meditate on it