The Ninja Book - The New Mansenshukai (Yuji Yamada, PhD)

The Ninja Book - The New Mansenshukai (Yuji Yamada, PhD)

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Popular interest in ninja has driven local Japanese researchers to unearth more history than ever before on these mysterious men of magic and might. The Ninja Book compiles some of the latest research to share new facts on ninja culture and notorious historic figures. Ninja fans around the world will take great pleasure in this broader exploration of the origins of ninja in Japan.


1. A Ninja's Work

2. The History of Ninja

1) History of Iga Ninja
2) History of Koka Ninja
3) Battle of Magari
4) Sengoku (Warring States) Period
5) Iga Sokoku Ikki
6) Tensho Iga Wars
7) Tokugawa Ieyasu's Passage through Iga
8) Before and After the Battle of Sekigahara
9) Tokugawa(Edo) Period
10) Chronology of Ninja History

3. Ninjutsu and Ningu

1) What is Ninjutsu?
2) Ninjutsu Documents
3) Yonin and Innin
4) The Six Tools of the Ninja
5) Shichihode (Seven Disguises of the Ninja)
6) Ninja Foods
7) Ninja Medicine
8) Koka Medicine and Yamabushi

4. Essays on Ninja (special supplement)

1)Shugen and Ninja
2)Naruto and One Piece

Feature (1) Attacks on Oda Nobunaga
Feature (2) Koka-ryu Ninjutsu House
Feature (3) Was Matsuo Basho a Ninja?
Feature (4) Tateoka no Dojun and his mastery of Bakemono-jutsu (ghost technique)
Feature (5) Was Kan'ami a Ninja?


Yuji Yamada PhD

Professor of history of ancient and medieval Japanese belief systems, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Mie University. His main publications include Sutokuin onryo no kenkyu (A study of the vengeful spirit of Sutokuin), Shibunkaku Shuppan, 2001; Bakkosuru onryo - tatari to chinkon no Nihonshi (Free-acting vengeful spirits: A Japanese history of curses and spiritual appeasement), Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2007; Nihon shisoshi koza I kodai (Lectures on Japanese history of thought: ancient times, Volume 1), Perikansha, 2012, co-author.

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