Datura seeds
Datura seeds
Datura seeds

Datura seeds

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Datura metel. Also known as Angel's Trumpet. One of the most asked about plants in our trials! Elegant trumpet-shaped flowers in soft shades yellow. Each 6-8" bloom is filled with an intricate combination of petal-whorls that create a pleasing, fragrant swirling effect. The flowers are followed by highly ornamental, green prickly fruits, remaining decorative for long periods. Datura are poisonous, the ingestion of any parts of the plant can be toxic.. Start seed indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost date. Height 3-4 feet. Approximately 10 OR 50 seeds/Pkg.



Light Requirement
Bloom Time
Spring - Fall
Planting Method
Start Indoors
Seed Type
Open Pollinated
Life Cycle
36 - 48"
Pot/ Indoors


Start inside 10-12 weeks before last frost. Cover seed lightly, provide warmth (15-21 degrees C), seed should germinate within 3-4 weeks. Transplant into 4-6 inches pots if you want large transplants. Transplant 1 week after last frost into a full sun location.


Prefers rich, moist soil, but will tolerate poor soil. Makes an excellent pot plant that will stay at 12 inches if kept in a small pot. If given lots of room or planted in the garden, Angel’s Trumpet will form a large shrub, 3-5’ high.

Datura are poisonous, the ingestion of any parts of the plant can be toxic.